Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the ideal age for a child to start learning swimming?

Best is from 12 months old, early introduction to aquatic programme has a “Preventive Effect” can make a child safer around water. Early water stimulation also help the child develop physical, mentally and emotionally, to get ready for learning and attending school.

How long does it usually take to learn?

It doesn’t have to take long, an average child takes approximately 30 hours before he or she can swim in freestyle consistently and confidently for a distance of 25 metres. Adults who are starting for the first time usually take a little less at around 20 hours. This is only on average, it still depends on the learner willingness to learn and how regular they attend lesson. We strongly recommend learner to continue until they are confident, comfortable in any depth and environment for any extended distance.

If my child is scared to learn?

Don’t worry, our swimming lessons are fun and easy. We understand that each child has a different emotional and development abilities, we cater each lesson to their needs. When they have begun to be more confident and comfortable, they will enjoy “showing off” to you and will be delighted to see you enjoying their new acquire skills.

I have water phobia, can you help me to overcome this?

You are not the only one. Through the years, many learners with the same phobia had completed the course with us successfully. Our coaches will keep you company in the water and guide you patiently. Before you know it, you will be swimming on your own. Learning swimming with us is fun and easy.

If my child missed the lesson, will there be a makeup?

Students are encouraged to attend scheduled lessons regularly and punctually. Make-up lesson will only be scheduled for students if ill with a copy of the Medical Certificate or Receipt is necessary. Please be present for your scheduled make-up lesson, otherwise it will be considered forfeited. No further make-up lesson will be scheduled.




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